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SilverSpot App


( By Nura Hill )

Project Overview

SilverSpot is a high-end movie theater that provides a unique experience for its customers. Besides the upscale look and feel, They give moviegoers the option to order a large variety of foods straight to their seats. A movie theater such as SilverSpot should have an app that lets the user buy tickets and order food with minimal effort. The goal of my project is to do just that for the user!

The Problem

The current app is not as intuitive and easy to use as it could be. What makes SilverSpot unique is not being highlighted enough for the user to know what they offer. There is a long learning curve to using the app, which is not ideal. Generally, people have little patience to learn new things, especially an app,  in other words, they are fickle[1]. If the design is awkward and hard to use, most people would go buy their tickets at more familiar sites, such as Fandango.

A few of the issues present are; The information architecture of the app has too many dead ends and some paths that could be confusing for the user. Sometimes the customer has to enter the same information repeatedly. If the user wants to go back to a previous screen, there are times when they won’t be able to. These issues could deter a new user from wanting to use the app again.

The Solution

The purpose of this redesign is to create an intuitive and easy experience for the user. Quick, smooth, and easy to use is the motto for this redesign!  I want a first time user to be able to know that they can order a variety of foods straight to their seats. They can check on show times, buy movie tickets, and understand the benefit of signing up to become a rewards member, all at a glance. In my redesign, I aimed to make that all clear. The first time the app is launched, there should be an optional 15 second tour to show how the app works. After signing up there is another tour showing the new member how the new interface works. I added an option for the user to view trailers. After a ticket is purchased, a push notification will be sent out 20 min before a movie begins. This will remind the moviegoer that they can show the barcode from the app to the usher to get into the theater. It will also send a reminder to order their food if they haven’t yet.

My Role

UX Designer (Individual Project)

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator (Information Architecture)
Balsamiq (Wireframe)


Based on the research found in the discovery period of the project, I developed a persona; Lisa, a working mom of two. Designing for Lisa helped in making informed design decisions as I kept the end user always in mind.

Lisa, 37
The Busy Mom

Lisa is a busy mom of two young children ages 7 and 9. Aside from taking care of her family, Lisa works full time as a professor at a community college. She wants to get her whole family to the movie theater this weekend, and she wants to plan everything to be effortless and relaxing. She would like to be able to see what movies are showing, view the trailers, pick the seats, buy the tickets, and order dinner to their seats. The goal for Lisa is to walk into the theater, get their tickets scanned, and the rest is all taken care of.

Nura Hill Design


After the kids go to bed, the goal for Lisa is to get on the app and see what movies are showing on the weekend. Select the desired seats and purchase the tickets, so when movie day comes around, all she needs to do is order their food with the app, walk straight to the usher and get her phone scanned, and the rest is all taken care of.


The way the current app is set up, the user has to go to several places before they get to their seats. Lisa would have to go to another site to view the trailers and she would spend extra time fumbling through the app to figure out how to use it. She then might realize that it might be easier to buy the tickets and food when she gets to the movies, instead of trying the app. Although, the last thing she wants to do is arrive early to the theater, wait in line to buy her tickets, stand in another line to buy dinner, to then get bad seats because of waiting to do everything the last minute


I added the option to view trailers because it’s known that “4 out of 5 moviegoers watch movie trailers before going to see a movie[2]. Adding this feature, it reduces the time a user spends looking in other sites for trailers, making the entire process quicker.

The reason I chose Lisa as a persona subject, is because research says that “the largest number of moviegoers are between the ages of 25-39[2]“, which is also the age of when most adults have children. To confirm this, I found a study that shows that first-time moms were, on average a little over 26[3].

Nura Hill Design

The age of moviegoers has been consistent since 2012. 23% of moviegoers, of ages 25-39 year-olds, continue to constitute the largest number of moviegoers in 2016[4].

Nura Hill Design

Information Architecture

Nura Hill Design


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