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Share Fresh


( By Nura Hill )

        The purpose of this app is to solve a problem that millions of Americans face every single day. Whether you are a student or a busy working parent, the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day is spend time cooking dinner. Share Fresh lets you find people near you that have put together a meal for you and your family. The meal would cost only a fraction of the price of what you would normally pay at a restaurant.

        Picture this: the seller’s name is Angela. Angela loves to cook for her family every day. When Angela cooks, there is always bound to be a large amount of leftovers. Now, with Share Fresh all Angela needs to do is snap a picture of her meal and post it on ShareFresh. Now that busy parent who is driving from work to pick up their kids at daycare can swing by Angela’s house to pick up the meals and have a nice homemade meal ready-made for their family too.

Audience Analysis

        In order to get a better understanding of the audience that would use this app, several people were interviewed in-person. Four college students and four parents of young children (of ages 6 or less) were interviewed. Here is an audience analysis that I created to show the results of my interviews.

Nura Hill Design


After conducting the research, and in order to help me better understand who I am designing for, I created two personas.

Nura Hill Design
Nura Hill Design


Nura Hill Design- Share Fresh


Information Architecture

Nura Hill Design

Style Guide

Nura Hill Design

Research and Outcomes

        For the research process, a survey was completed by 44 people. The questions asked were about their typical day to day eating habits and whether they would be willing to use an app such as Share Fresh. When asked if they go out to eat mostly because of convenience or fun, 56% said they went out to eat because of convenience where 44% went out to eat for fun. When asked how many times per week, on average, they eat restaurant food, 61.4% eat out 2-3 times per week. 18.2% eat out 4-6 times per week. 15.9% eat out 0 times per week. 4.6% eat out 7+ times per week. The results showed that 47.7% said “Absolutely yes, I would use the app it in a heartbeat”, 40.9% said that “it depends”, most of these said that it depended on what kinds of sanitation laws were in place. Only 11.4% said that they would not because they felt that the getting food from strangers was unappealing, or because they enjoyed cooking. 

        I did user testing with I received feedback from three participants. They were prompted to go through an interactive prototype and provide feedback. For the entirety of the test, their screen was being recorded. I received three pieces of advice that I implemented in my design:

– Change red check marks to green, because red usually means that something is wrong.

– Add the number of reviews by the star ratings.           

– Add a description of what the app is and images on the splash screen.

Click here to see the prototype before the above was implemented.