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Voters Guide

( By Nura Hill )

For this project, I created a desktop and mobile ‘voter’s guide’ for the North Carolina General Assembly. The goal was to create a platform for new users and give them information about the voting process in NC. I aimed to provide the right amount of information, to not overwhelm the user, and give it a clean and simple look.

The color scheme I chose for the NCGA site was white, red, blue, and black. I only used black for the font when I had a large amount of text, to make it easier to read. The font I chose, Avenir Next Condensed, is simple and subtle. I bolded important titles, and other items to highlight what is important.

To make it easier for the user, I added the “Let’s Chat” and the “Search Reps and District by ZIP” icon, as sticky icons. I also added the “Let’s Chat” icon with the intent that the organization behind this site would have either a ChaBot or enough staff to be able to respond to web users when they had a query.

Click the image to the right to view the prototype.