Hi! I’m Nura Hill and I cannot wait to meet you!

Here are a few things you should know about me: I went to the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, and got a degree in Information Science. My degree is focused on UX/UI Design. Along the way I gained the skills and passion for creating user friendly websites. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to do a Field Experience with Viget, where I had the opportunity to work with top-notch UX Designers, and see first hand how to solve UX/UI related problems.

On a lighter note! I am was born and raised in Santiago, Chile and fluent in Spanish as well as English, AND I can speak Farsi at a ‘kitchen talk’ level. I spent a year in Haifa, Israel Volunteering at the Baha’i World Center. I play the guitar. I’ve been into photography ever since I was 7.

Lastly, I genuinely love making connections with people and find ways to bring their design ideas to life.

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